Monday, April 25, 2016

How to Remove Win32Delf.NRJ worm? Trojan Backdoor Win32Delf.NRJ Removal

Win32Delf.NRJ worm is a malicious threat categorized as Trojan or worm by different security programs, while it has more Trojan backdoor features that able to compromise a computer in a serious destructive way. According to security reports from antivirus/antimalware programs, Win32Delf.NRJ worm has some other aliases, such as: Win32/Delf.NRJ, Backdoor.Win32.Delf.mrx (Kaspersky), Backdoor:Win32/Spamchn.A (Microsoft), and Backdoor.Trojan (Symantec), etc.

Though the first detection of Win32/Delf.NRJ is recorded in Nov 04, 2008 according to data found in the internet, this threat is still prevalent over cyber network to perform its malicious activities.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ways to Remove Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Pop-up Effectively often comes up posing as a security alert from Microsoft Security Essentials? It warns you that your browser is infected with a Trojan virus, and you should dial an 877 number to remove the infection? Have no idea on how to stop the pop-up not to say get rid of it? Don’t worry! This article will help you.

What is is a scam website that has a close relationship with adware programs. It is often used by scammers to steal money from PC users. The webpage of contains fake security alert stating that your browser is infected with a Trojan virus. To be able to fix it, you are suggested by it to call an 877 number, which stands as their paid support services and programs.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Eliminate MyNewtabTV Adware from Your Computer Easily and Quickly

Introduction to MyNewtabTV 

MyNewtabTV is a browser extension for common browsers like Chrome, IE and Firefox. This extension has a download page, but generally it is spread via freeware and shareware bundling. Which means, if you had downloaded and installed some low-quality programs without paying attention to the installing processes, you will get this programs as an addition inadvertently. 
Once this extension comes to your browsers, it will display you some annoying traits. Unlike its advertisements as an online TV watching helper, MyNewtabTV is doubted for its ad-supporting and hijacking features. Users will see numerous of ads on their browsers, displaying irrelevant commercial information or trying to promote dubious programs. These ads can contain users' concerned information, because the adware has the ability to monitor users' daily searching and deliver related ads to catch your attention. What's more, the homepage and search engine can be modified as without your permission, and this page is also inefficient but only trying to get revenue by redirecting your browsing. It is quite suggested to remove the questionable adware immediately.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Remove Hijacker - How to Repair Your Hijacked Browsers

Know about page looks interesting and simple. However they if you keep it as your homepage, it won't take long before you find the negative traits of it. This page is related to a browser hijacker, which comes to users if they had installed some low-quality programs, the browsers settings and registry data will be modified automatically. Clicking to dubious ads or hacked sites will also lead to browser hijacking. As soon as replaced your homepage, it begins to ruin your browsing experience by redirecting your searching, sending annoying ads and brings unwanted plugins and bookmarks. This search engine offers limited search results which contain spams like sponsored information and ads. These ads are not reliable, they are usually linked to some suspicious sites and are always promoting some programs of poor reputation. 
 To have a better browsing experience, you are suggested to remove this hijacker as quickly as you can.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Multi Surveys Ads - How to Get Rid of Them Easily and Quickly

Multi Surveys ads keep coming on your browsers?
Tried to get rid of them but failed?
Read this blog to get help.

Know about Multi Surveys 

Multi Surveys is an adware which will inject annoying ads in your daily browsing. Similar to some other adware like Kaboom TravelMulti Surveys promises to offer convenience to your life by providing paid surveys,  but what it really bring are just troubles. Once this adware comes to your browsers, you will see pop-ups and banners on the infected browsers, which are promoting irrelevant commercials all the time. These spams will surely slow down your browsing because the browsers take extra time in reloading the unnecessary information. It is obvious that this adware aims to display numerous ads to users to earn pay-per-click revenue. For this purpose, the adware will monitor your browsing including search terms, preferred sites and even your bookmarks. These information are collected to deliver related ads to catch your attention. So when you see the ads contain your concerned information, do not be curious to click them, otherwise you will be redirected to some risky sites and get unnecessary programs downloaded.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Fake Download Recommendation on - Steps to Stop This Annoying Pop-up

Know about domain pop-up is one typical scam page that aims to mislead users to download PUPs. This pop-up pretends to be a player recommendation, telling users that they need to update to get better media playing performance. However the file you get from it is just the installation of some risky programs, which are detected by anti-malware programs to be dangerous to the system. In another words, it is a malicious ad aims to promote related programs in the name of player updates.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Eliminate Browser Hijacker Easily - Unwanted Homepage Removal Guide

Know about domain page is malicious, it can be seen on your Chrome, IE and Firefox, as a browser hijacker which replaces and locks your default homepage. There can be many ways for this hijacker to be promoted, the most common one is that when users installed some dubious third party programs, their browsers setting got modified without permission. Clicking spam ads or visiting hacked sites will also lead to such a hijacking issue. 

Once this page comes, it will immediately bring you poor browsing experience. offers limited search results with spams and sponsored information. They are full of ads links and will not be helpful at all to your searching. Needless to say, this hijacker aims to promote related commercials to users to earn pay-per-click revenue. You can see the banner ads on it are also promoting dubious programs like fake players and security tools. If you get them to your computer, there will be only more and more trouble are caused.