Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ways to Remove Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Pop-up Effectively often comes up posing as a security alert from Microsoft Security Essentials? It warns you that your browser is infected with a Trojan virus, and you should dial an 877 number to remove the infection? Have no idea on how to stop the pop-up not to say get rid of it? Don’t worry! This article will help you.

What is is a scam website that has a close relationship with adware programs. It is often used by scammers to steal money from PC users. The webpage of contains fake security alert stating that your browser is infected with a Trojan virus. To be able to fix it, you are suggested by it to call an 877 number, which stands as their paid support services and programs.

How did I get infected with is often promoted via third party programs so as to distract users' attention. If you would like to avoid this adware, you should be very cautious while installing free software from the Internet. Otherwise, codes will come while you download and install the free application. You will not realize the existing of this infection until pops up.

Why is dangerous? can be added to common web browsers including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome without notice. After running into your PC, it will attack all your web browsers and modify their settings without seeking for any approval, causing homepage hijacking, annoying pop-ups, unwanted redirects and other unsolicited actions.

In order to draw more attention, keeps popping up at the moment you start the web browser, open a new tab or just make a click on the webpage. It not only annoys your normal browsing experience, but also attempts to convince you that your browser is infected with a Trojan virus, and you need to call an 877 number immediately to remove the virus. However, what you will get when contacting the so-called experts are all lies.

Be aware that is merely a tech support scam. Calling the 877 phone number and paying the charges has nothing to do with the current issue of your PC. All you need to do is to delete and all its components where all issues were coming from.

How to remove completely? is just a platform that scammers use in order to promote their paid support services and programs. The existing of poses a high risk to your online safety as well as your privacy. So why hesitate? The sooner you remove, the better.

Methods mentioned in this article will be helpful, go and try: