Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to Get Rid of Pro PC Cleaner from Your PC?

Definition of Pro PC Cleaner

Pro PC Cleaner is a fake antii-spyware program, which disguise itself as a powerful remover that can delete and clean up all the spywares and malwares in your PC, and boost PC's speed and performance. It looks so nice, however, the fact is that, it turns out to be a malware. You will be advised to download Pro PC Cleaner when a pop-up screen claims that your computer is infected by spywares. If you follows its advise, many troubles are coming. 

When Pro PC Cleaner is downloaded, it starts to infect your PC's system step by step. At first, your computer will be attacked by numerous pop-ups and fake system notification to "inform" you of an infection, whereas the infection does not exist almostly. This misdirection of information is the first conventional step which is developed by cunning cyber criminals behind Pro PC Cleaner. Then you will be prompt to pay the money to download it. Afte that, you will find you have been cheated  because it is not as helpful and functional as it claims to be. On the contrary, as long as it exists in your system, more and more infections spread widely and deeply until you realize the running speed of PC is slower and slower. Pro PC Cleaner produces lots of troubles instead of sovlving problems.

You should treat Pro PC Cleaner seriously which is a trap actually. If you download such harmful fake anti-spyware program in your PC and suffer from it bitterly, then do not wait any more, get rid of it right now.

How to Get Rid of Pro PC Cleaner from Your PC?

Method A: Manual Removal
Method B: Automatic Removal
Choose one method you prefer.

Method A: Manual Removal

Step 1.Use key combination Alt+Ctrl+Delete to open Windows Task Manager, find malicious processes and click End Process.

Step 2.Click Computer/Local Dick(C)/Windows/system 32, find and delete "pcsd.dll" and then close all open windows.

Step 3.Press Window+R together, then click the button OK.

Step 4. Delete all the following registry keys as shown below.

Step 5.Delete and remove Pro PC Cleaner associated files from the system folder in which it was installed.                                                                                                                                                   

Method B: Manual Removal

SpyHunter is a powerful and real-time anti-spyware tool which is designed to help the average computer users protect their PC from various malicious threats. The steps of how to get rid of Pro PC Cleaner are listed as follows:
Step 1.Click the button below to download SpyHunter.

Step 2.Double click on SpyHunter-Installer.exe to install the program.

Step 3.After the installation, open SpyHunter and click the button Scan Computer Now! to allow the program to scan your computer.

Step 4. After the scanning, all the threats are listed, click the button Fix Threats to remove unneeded and unwanted programs.

RegCure Pro is a helpful optimizer which is able to boost your PC’s speed and performance, remove your privacy items produced by online searches, and clean away Windows registry errors. The steps of installing RegCure Pro are listed as follows:
Step 1.Click the button below to download RegCure Pro.

Step 2.Click the button Yes to install the program step by step.

Step 3.After the installation, click the button Click to Start Scan to run a system scan om your PC.

Step 4.Click the button Fix All to complete the whole scanning.

Warmly Recommended: Pro PC Cleaner is a extremely hated malware which brings many damages to your PC. Therefore, it is suggested that you should download and use a remover and optimizer to remove it.
Download SpyHunter to Remove Malicious Programs.
Download RegCure Pro to Boost PC's Performance.