Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How Do I Remove PushOK Ads - Get Rid of Unwanted Programs Effectively

What is PushOK  

PushOK is an adware which aims to deliver numerous ads to users and earn pay-per-click revenue. Users may have no idea about when and how did the adware come to their browsers, because it is usually brought by third party freeware as an addition. Anyway, the symptoms caused by it will always catch your attention:

  • Ads by PushOK will keep coming on the infected browsers every now and then.
  • Your browsers will become sluggish, freeze and crash occur frequently.
  • The ads are not safe. They are mostly linked to some dubious sites and may bring unwanted programs.
  • The adware can hide its files and avoid being detected and removed.
If I were you, I will not keep this program in my computer because it can only bring trouble than help.

Manual methods to remove PushOK

You need to remove its related extensions, uninstall the associated programs and clean up the registry data to stop it from coming back.

Step 1. Remove the unwanted add-ons and plugins from your browsers.

For IE:
Press Alt+X >>   Manage Add-ons  >> Toolbars and Extensions >> Remove unwanted extensions

For Firefox:
Firefox Menu >> Add-ons >> Remove unwanted Extensions and Plugins

For Chrome:
Chrome Menu >> Settings >> Extensions >> Find unwanted extensions and click the trash can icon to remove them

Step 2.  Uninstall unnecessary programs related to PushOK
Start >> Control Panel >> Programs >>Programs and Features >> Find the unwanted ones and right click to uninstall them.

Step 3.  Fix related registry data.
Press Win + R buttons at the same time, type regedit to run Registry Editor, find the associated data and remove them.

A better way : Use Spyhunter to remove it automatically

SpyHunter is specialized in detecting all kinds of malware in your PC and removing them quickly and conveniently. You are suggested to use its paid version to protect your PC well.

Step 1. Download SpyHunter by clicking the button below. 

Step 2. Install the program by double clicking SpyHunter-Installer.exe.

Step 3. Open SpyHunter after the installation and make the program scan your computer by clicking the button Scan Computer Now!.

Step 4. Click the button Fix Threats to clean up dangerous and unwanted programs after the scanning.

Reminder : If you are troubled by the slow computer performance, who not use an optimizer to boost it? RegCure Pro is a professional tool to fix registry errors and clean up the trash left by unwanted programs. Use it to have a cleaner and more efficient computer. 

Conclusion : PushOK adware is not worthy to be kept because it brings so many inconveniences. It is better to user helpful tool to deal with it:

Download SpyHunter to Clean up Malicious Programs.
Download RegCure Pro to Boost PC's Speed and get better performance.