Sunday, January 31, 2016 Redirects Your Browsing? Efficient Ways to Get Rid of This Hijacker

What is is a search page that may leave you a first impression of tidy page and simple design. It has no messy shortcuts and dubious hyperlinks, even the search results of it are from Google Search. Users probably consider this page as a safe and efficient one and keep it as their homepages, however it is actually a browser hijacker and will only bring you unpleasant browsing experience. 

Annoyances you may see:

  • The browsers' default homepage will be modified and locked without permission.
  • Ads, spams and sponsored links are displayed on the infected browsers frequently.
  • Redirects happen every now and then that you will be forced to visit unwanted pages.
  • These spams and unwanted pages are mostly linked to unreliable resource that will lead to PUPs downloaded.
You will see that this page is in fact a unfriendly page that aims to redirect you to earn pay-per-click revenue by offering you the sponsored information. If you keep this page as your default start page, you will get more and more extensions like toolbars, bookmarks and add-ons. You had better get rid of this page and use another reputable search provider such as Google and Bing. 

Are there potential unwanted programs brought by the hijacker? Use a free scanner to know about the security condition of your PC:

How to remove redirects?

Pick one solution that suits you:

Solution 1: Remove the related threats step by step to get rid of the hijacker.

Solution 2: Use a professional removal tool to remove all the potential risks.

Get rid of hijacker manually

Step 1. Uninstall the related programs from your control panel.

Start>> Control Panel >> Programs >> Programs and Features

You will see the list of programs in your PC, uninstall the unwanted ones.

Step 2. Reset your browsers' settings

For Chrome:
Open Google Chrome menu >> Settings >> On startup option, click Set pages, delete the unwanted address >> OK
Continue to Appearance option >> Show Home button >> Change >> delete the unwanted address >> OK
Press Ctrl+H to History tab >> Clear browsing date… >>click clear browsing date to confirm

For IE:
Open Internet Explorer, press Alt+X >> select Internet options >> General tab >> enter your preferred URL >> Apply
Continue to General tab >> Delete… >> Delete Browsing History

For Firefox:
Open Mozilla Firefox menu >> Options >> General tab >> Restore to Default >> OK
Open Mozilla Firefox menu >> History >> Clear Recent History… >> Clear Now

Step 3. Delete the related registry entries.

Press Windows+R keys to open Registry Editor, type into Regedit, press Enter and then delete all the malicious registries as shown.

Automatic removal : Use SpyHunter to deal with it 

Hijackers like can be quite stubborn, if the manual removal steps do not solve your problems, you are probably facing a more serious situation. Using a professional tool is a better choice. Here takes the reliable removal tool SpyHunter as an example, its full version can detect and remove the threats in your computer conveniently.

Step 1. Download SpyHunter by clicking the button below.

Step 2. Install the program by double clicking SpyHunter-Installer.exe.

Step 3. Open SpyHunter after the installation and make the program scan your computer by clicking the button Scan Computer Now!.

Step 4. Click the button Fix Threats to clean up dangerous and unwanted programs after the scanning.

One more step : Clean up the trash files to get a better computer performance

RegCure Pro is a recommended tool to boost your computer. There can be leftover of the hijackers in your computer and they will make your computer works slowly. Try this tool to have an effective system.

Step 1. Download RegCure Pro by Clicking the button.

Step 2. Install the program by clicking the button Yes.

Step 3. Run RegCure Pro after the installation and click the button Click to Start Scan to allow the program to scan your computer.

Step 4. Click the button Fix All to complete the scanning.

Final Recommended : hijacker should be removed in efficient method to stop it from coming back, try the helpful tools if you meet any trouble:

Download SpyHunter to Clean up malicious programs.

Download RegCure Pro to Boost PC's Speed and performance.